Introducing Boston Paleo

I was vacationing on the Cape when my husband sent me a text saying, “Hey, have you heard of this paleo diet?”

Not only had I heard of it, but I had been pinning delicious looking meals for months with the hopes of eventually convincing my pizza-and-buffalo-wings-loving husband to give up his cravings. I downloaded “Paleo for Beginners,” for a quick beach read that would get us started and soon I had a number of meals to make and a list of ingredients to buy.

I can’t lie, Paleo IS expensive. And, I feel incredibly fortunate to be in a place where I can afford to eat healthier, natural foods. There are plenty of ways to eat Paleo on a budget BUT when you are just getting started it can be very overwhelming to figure out meals, ingredients needed and then, on top of all of it, where to get the best deal.

What was our motivation to eat Paleo? Reaching an overall healthy lifestyle. Weightloss as a bonus. Both of our families have a history of high cholesterol and, while my levels are fine, my husband’s numbers are already high. (We are only 26.) Knowing that our activity levels will probably decline with age, establishing clean and stable eating habits now is a top priority.

Why Boston Paleo? Well, that’s easy. My husband and I both moved to Boston to attend undergrad and we fell in love with this great city. We eat, breathe and live everything Boston (even though my husband claims he is still a Yankee fan) and living in Boston is a big reason why we live the lifestyles we do. And, Boston is beautiful. Case in point with this awesome sunset shot I took from our roofdeck tonight…

photo (7)

This blog is just starting, so please stay with us as we get going. We will be posting original Paleo recipes, some of our favorite family recipes modified to fit Paleo guidelines, and our experiences eating out in Boston while trying to stick to this diet. Send comments our way on how we can improve and we are happy to answer any questions that we can.

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